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Running Past (and Into) Goal Posts

Goals can be interesting things.

Since July 17th, 2017, I set out on a journey to change my life. On that day, I adopted the Ketogenic diet and eventually intermittent fasting, and a month later I began daily walking, quickly working up to five kilometres per day, eventually supplementing a kilometre of running along with the walking, and then another, until I was running almost the entire distance. I lost and kept losing weight, feeling fantastic all the while.

Starting at 403 pounds, my first goal was to break 290 pounds, which was the lowest I had been when I tried the Paleo diet and hit the gym nearly four years previously. I passed that, and set 250 pounds as my next goal, and pushed past that. I began to add bodyweight exercises to my routine.

With a major presentation about my diet, exercise, and overall wellness coming up at the end of May 2018, I set my "final" goal at 230 pounds, the lowest I had been since turning 19. A comfortable weight for my 6'2" bro…

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