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Overcoming and Becoming

Overcoming challenges is a good feeling, and my Christmas gift to myself this year was just that.

Many good things have happened this year: I've lost over 110 pounds with my ketogenic diet and exercise - and physically, I feel better than I have in years. I've had a great academic year (and stellar feedback) with my job as a Faculty at the Nova Scotia Community College. I've met some fantastic new people and strengthened some existing friendships. Life is, in short, amazing.

So why then, last week, did I crash for two days, into the worst depressive episode I've had in a very long time? There was no reason for it, and that's a key point. Depression is not about reason.

When I sat back and analyzed it, I could come up with a few things. Perhaps I was stressed out at the end of the school semester. Self-induced, I found myself becoming a "yes man" again, and volunteering to take on many projects at the College: developing curriculum for several courses outs…

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